Exclusive Campsites

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Award-Winning Larapinta Trail Eco-Campsites


In 2013, World Expeditions officially launched our Larapinta Trail semi-permanent campsites. Over eight years of careful traditional owner community consultation, groundbreaking design, engagement with National Parks and Central Land Council, and challenging construction in a remote area, has culminated in these unique and exclusive facilities for our Larapinta trekkers.

Our four architecturally-designed campsites act as a refuge for trekkers after a day spent on the trail, providing comfort on both warm days and cool nights. The innovative plans by Neeson Murcutt Architects draws upon state of the art design and technology to protect the remote and beautiful land it sits upon. 

In 2014 this innovative design was officially recognised, with the campsites awarded the prestigious

Australian Institute of Architects award for Small Project Architecture (NT chapter)


Australian Walking Holidays and parent company World Expeditions has proudly won three Brolga Northern Territory Tourism Awards 2019, 2017 & 2016 in Ecotourism. 

2019 Brolga Award for Best Ecotourism Operator - Northern Territory 2017_Brolga_Ecotourism  2016_Brolga_Ecotourism




The camps incorporate new sustainable technologies such as: 

  • water-free toilets 
  • solar lighting systems
  • a hybrid grey water disposal system designed for the arid environment
  • Semi-permanent design to allow the land to recover during the off-season

Building materials, colours and the overall style of the new structures were carefully chosen to blend in with the surrounding environment aesthetically, whilst maintaining the idyllic natural setting of these incredible wilderness sites. 



Staying At Our Campsites

Our Larapinta campsite network is included in our:




Each of the four campsites is made up of a communal tent, an ablutions tent and two shower tents. You will sleep in comfortable ‘safari style’ tents that sleep two people. 

Communal Tents


The Y-shaped structures function as a living area, covering an area of some 150 square metres.  Raised platform flooring, combined with the infinitely adaptable stretch canopy, allow the structure to be modified to the conditions at the time, ensuring the interior remains comparatively cool and sheltered in virtually any weather conditions.  Cafe-style gas burners provide heating at night, along with the open fire traditionally lit outdoors at the campsites. 

  Communal Tents


Sleeping Tents

Our spacious, safari style sleeping tents are exclusive for walkers on our 3-day Larapinta Experience in Comfort and 6-day Classic Larapinta Trek in Comfort. They are the perfect addition to our four innovative semi-permanent campsites launched in 2013 – giving you the ultimate desert walking experience.

With the same footprint as our previous sleeping tents (2.4m x 2.4m), our tents are significantly more airy and open and are large enough to stand up in with the walls being 2.2 meters high – giving you more space to move and relax in. Perhaps one of the stand-out features is the large floor-to-ceiling windows, bringing the outdoors in and allowing you to sit-back soak up the magnificent views.




Ablution Facilities 

Our eco friendly camp toilets are water-free clean and airy amenities, and are exclusive to trekkers at our campsites. These save 143 litres of water each day, thanks to their water-free system. 

Larapinta Campsite Bathrooml

Larapinta Campsite Bathrooml


Shower Tents 

The hot showers give trekkers a welcome way to wash away the dust of a good days walk on the Larapinta Trail. Hot water is heated using a “Donkey” hot water boiler - an efficient hot water system and an economical way to warm water. Trekkers have a 9 Litre bucket of warm water to use in our shower tents, which allows for warm-hot showers that run for 2 – 2 1/2 minutes.

Organic shampoos and soaps are included in the shower for your use, sourced from Dindi Naturals, a supplier of handmade soaps and body proiducts that contain no toxic or synthetic materials. These are free of nasty chemicals so we have minimal environmental impact as possible, derived from environmentally friendly ingredients from areas of fair trade and sustainability

Larapinta Showers  



Cafe style gas burners provide heating at night, along with the open fire traditionally lit outdoors at the campsites.


Solar System

We use an 80W solar panel which brings power to our campsites. The power runs the campsites:

- Lounge, kitchen and bathroom lights
- Water pump for the kitchen
- Phone and camera charging

Each tent also has a solar light which is charged during the day, so clients can use these in the evenings to see around their tent.


Phone and Camera Charging

There are two USB 12V camera/phone battery charging ports at each campsite, powered through our solar system.


Phone Reception

There is only phone reception at Nick’s Camp but this is intermittent. There is no phone reception at Fearless Camp, Charlie’s Camp and Sonder Camp. You may get some reception on high ridges when you are walking along the trail. We encourage travellers to use as little technology as possible so they can be completely immersed in the experience and enjoy the break from being constantly connected.  

Larapinta Campsites At Night  

Our Camp Network

Nick's Camp

  • Named in memory of:
    The campsite's original architect, Nick Murcutt
  • Location:
  • Section 1, near Simpson's Gap
  • Why you'll love it:
    Enjoy stunning views across the Heavitree Range and Alice Valley.

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Charlie's Camp

  • Named in memory of:
    Long-serving guide and Larapinta Trail pioneer, Charlie Holmes
  • Location:
    Section 8, near Serpentine Chalet Dam
  • Why you'll love it:
    Relax in this exclusive wilderness campsite that is nestled in the foothills below Counts Point. 


Fearless Camp

  • Named in memory of:
    Renowned adventurer and World Expeditions guide Sue Fear
  • Location: 
    Section 11, at the foot of Mount Sonder (1380m)
  • Why you'll love it:
    Located at the foot of Mount Sonder, this campsite gives you the opportunity to sit back and appreciate its beauty.

Sonder Camp The Larapinta campsites are designed to be in harmony with the outback landscapes |  <i>Brett Boardman</i>

  • Named:
    In honour of the grand mountain Mount Sonder
  • Location: 
    Section 11, near the base of Mount Sonder (1380m)
  • Why you'll love it:
    Positioned in Rocky Bar Gap the campsite provides amazing views of the majestic Mount Sonder, a highlight trek on the trail.