Sonder Camp

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The spectacular Mount Sonder on the Larapinta Trail |  <i>Gavin Yeates</i>

Sonder Camp - In Honour of Mount Sonder

Sonder Camp is positioned in Rocky Bar Gap, near the base of Mount Sonder and towards the end of the Larapinta Trail. 


Rwetypeme the Aboriginal name of the glorious mountain is the fourth largest in the Northern Territory and at 1,380 metres above sea level it is the highest vantage point on the trail. Shaped in a double peak and seen from the campsite, it is also one of the highlights of the trek when submitting the mountain prior to dawn and watching a stunning sunrise over the scenic landscape. 


Mount Sonder was named after German botanist Wilhelm Otto Sonder and to the local Western Arrente Aborginal people it tells the dreamtime story of a man - Euro Ridge (a mountain on the trail). The locals fondly refer to Mount Sonder as the pregnant woman lying on her back or the sleeping woman. 


Renowned artist Albert Namatjira famously painted the mountain and included it in many watercolour artworks. His famous painting in 1953 of Mount Sonder 'Ghost Gum, Mt Sonder, MacDonnell Ranges' is seen in the National Gallery of Australia in the capital city of Canberra.  


Wildlife on the mountain houses the Grey-headed honeyeater bird, Wedge-Tail Eagle, Peregrine Falcon, desert mice, long-nosed dragons, sculptured termite tunnels on the spinifex and many more reptiles. Spot the Mountain Hakea native shrub with it's bright pink flowers and the round-leaved Mallee tree with it's blue-green heart shaped leaves.    


Mount Sonder is a photographic icon on the trail and we are honoured to name our newest campsite Sonder Camp after the impressive mountain.

Camp Highlights

  • Enjoy spectacular views of Mount Sonder
  • Staying at this camp is the perfect location to experience a pre-dawn walk for the ascent of Mount Sonder and reach the summit by sunrise for incredible views as the sun spreads across the vast country.